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Descriptive Statistics
Descriptive statistics helps us describe, summarizes and present information extracted from data. This topic covers concepts related to measures of central tendency, measures of variability, measures of frequency, shape of distribution and some data visualization techniques/tools such as pivot tables, charts, and graphs.
Inferential Statistics
While descriptive statistics help us describe and summarize the characteristics of data, inferential statistics help us make inferences or estimates about the population and come to conclusions about the population based on the sample data. This topic covers the basics of inferential statistics, all kinds of hypotheses tests and their confidence intervals, design of experiments and statistical power and errors. It also includes point estimation techniques, limit theorems, sampling distributions, approximations and bounds. Correlation, regression and association are also covered under inferential statistics to infer relationships between variables.
Probability and Random Processes
Probability and random processes covers a broad range of content from sample space and types of events to the basic rules of probability, the fundamental counting principle, conditional probability, Bayes' theorem, and decision trees to probability distributions and functions of random variables to stochastic processes including Markov processes and simulation methods.
Research Methodology
Research methodology covers some of the most critical steps involved in research. Basics of research, research problem identification, and design formulation of research is explored here. Types of variables and data, their measurements, data collection techniques, various sampling methods, and bias are covered along with principles of research ethics.
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