Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10 Essay

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Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10 Objective 317.1.6-03-06 and 317.1.6-08-10 The manufacturing plant currently does not have a sound system of performance evaluation. The current system addresses the friendliness of the employee, the orderliness of the employee’s workspace, and the attitude of the employee towards others. The current performance evaluation does not address the needs of the employee by properly preparing the employee for the goals of the company. The employee has not been given or been informed of the standards of the company. Standards or goals, when issued upfront, enhance performance, motivate, and in turn serve as a basis to evaluate after a set period of time. Performance standards should be set for all …show more content…

This type of evaluation avoids personal judgment and instead forces the evaluator to easily identify where performance exceeds expectations or where improvement may be required. The benchmark and expectations can be addressed up front to guide performance throughout the evaluation period. A commanding performance evaluation is obtained from several different resources. A proper evaluation is not issued only from management but also with input from peers and subordinates. It is also not uncommon to have customers; both internal and external contribute to the appraisal process. Self-appraisal is also an effective tool for appraisal as it can assist with establishing goals for the future. This type of 360º degree appraisal process can provide a complete assessment of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Often times, this type of appraisal process can assist to identify area of concern that traditionally would not have been recorded. All evaluations should be recognized for their source. A self evaluation may be slightly biased and not overly critical where an appraisal from a peer could be affected by the employee’s willingness to properly cooperate with the process. The self evaluation has a tendency not to be objective in relation to the requirements of the position. An affective self evaluation must be based on the requirements of the position and not based on the judgment of the individual performing the activity. Among the many commonly used

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