Mrs. Brackman Classroom Syllabus

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Mrs.Brackmans classroom syllabus is meant to show us what she expects of us and for us to know what rules must be followed. This syllabus is to prepare us and to be aware of what is to come and to improve ourselves in our class. I believe to be my opinion that the three greater Significant aspects regarding this syllabus are our Rules and Expectations, Grading policy and Attendance/ Makeup Work and Late Work Policy. Mrs. Brackman has a considerable deal of rules and expectations and so should us students. I believe that everyone should have rules and expectations for if we didn't, suddenly the classroom would be veritably distracting and un-organized. For example, assuming we didn't have rules to follow alike our “no cell phone usage” in class, anon most of the students would be on their phone and our work would be left unfinished causing us to earn lower grades. I strongly believe that our Rules and expectations are the biggest aspects in not only this class but all around our campus.

Another Aspect in Mrs. Brackman's class syllabus is the grading police I believe that our grades are extremely important and Mrs.Brackman …show more content…

Brackman's syllabus is Attendance, Make Up Work and Late Work policy. By district, we are required to be at school every day if not student would be missing a vast deal of school days therefore, not getting the right education needed. Although, if for any reason we need to miss a day we are to come in the morning after the excused absence to pick up any missing assignment. ALike, our grading, policy we are responsible for checking HAC weekly to assemble that everything is in order including missing assignments. For example the syllabus states we are responsible to turn in all assignments. All our assignments are to be completed for a grade and that's why the Attendance and make up work policy is one of the most important

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