Lit 1 Task 1 Part a

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SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: Sole proprietorships are the most common form of business in the United States. You and your business are one in the same. While being your own boss as its advantages, like working your own hours and collecting all profits made by the business, there are some disadvantages. For starters is coming up with starting working capital. Most Sole Proprietors have to seek funds from other sources.

• LIABILITY – All liability rests in the sole proprietors shoulders. There is no hiding from liabilities of the company for the owner, nor is the business sheltered from liabilities of the proprietor. • INCOME TAXES – Since the owner and his/her business are one in the same, all income is then treated as personal income to the …show more content…

• CONTROL – Limited partners are not allowed to make any decisions concerning the operation of the business in which they have invested in.

• PROFIT RETENTION – Limited partners usually receive a specified amount of profit that is predetermined in an agreement or based on the contribution of the partner. • LOCATION – Limited partners have no say in expansion or relocation of the company in which they are partners with. • CONVENIENCE/BURDEN – One convenience of having limited partnership is having the addition of outside fund while not losing control of the company. While you have invested as a limited partner, it does not give you any say on how the company should be ran. C-CORPORATION: Corporations are defined as a group of people authorized to act as a single entity which is recognized under state/corporate laws. A corporation is treated like a “person” and has the same rights as you or I except it is not protected by Fifth Amendment rights.

• LIABILITY – Stockholders personal assets are not subject to claims of creditors. The corporation itself is responsible for its actions and liabilities. • INCOME TAXES – Shareholders in a corporation are subject to “double taxation” as in first the corporation is subject to corporate taxation, then money is paid out in dividends. Which then is taxed again as personal income tax. • LONGEVITY - The life of a corporation is limitless as

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