The Book of Elizabethan Verse
What poor astronomers are they, / Take women’s eyes for stars! / And set their thoughts in battle ’ray, / To fight such idle wars; / When in the end they shall approve, / ’Tis but a jest drawn out of Love.
—‘What Poor Astronomers Are They,’ ll. 1–5.

The Book of Elizabethan Verse

Chosen and Edited with Notes by William Stanley Braithwaite

Braithwaite’s magnum opus—and a great landmark in verse anthologies—these three monumental volumes with extensive notes contain 1,796 selections. See also the Books of Restoration and Georgian Verse.

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Epigram: “Out of the conquered Past” by Arthur Upson
Epigram: The Doubt by Queen Elizabeth
Aubade by Sir William Davenant
Dawn by John Ford
Matin-Song by John Heywood
Song to Apollo by John Lyly
Hark, Hark! the Lark by William Shakespeare
The Love Call—Anonymous
Summons to Love by William Drummond of Hawthornden
On a Fair Morning—Anonymous
Stay, O Sweet by John Donne
The Night Is near Gone by Alexander Montgomerie
Spring’s Welcome by John Lyly
Spring by Thomas Nashe
Whilst It Is Prime by Edmund Spenser
Description of the Spring by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Short Sunshine by William Shakespeare
Beauty, Sweet Love, Is Like the Morning Dew by Samuel Daniel
When Daffodils Begin to Peer by William Shakespeare
Fair Is My Love for April’s in Her Face by Robert Greene
To Aurora by William Alexander, Earl of Stirling
Aurora by William Alexander, Earl of Stirling
To Meadows by Robert Herrick
The Primrose by Thomas Carew or Robert Herrick
To Violets by Robert Herrick
Perigot and Willie’s Roundelay by Edmund Spenser
The Blossom by William Shakespeare
To Blossoms by Robert Herrick
The Blossom by John Donne
Corinna’s Maying by Robert Herrick
On a Bank as I Sat A-fishing by Sir Henry Wotton
Phyllida and Corydon by Nicholas Breton
Song of the May—Anonymous
My Fair A-field—Anonymous
The Merry Month of May by Edmund Spenser
May-song by Thomas Dekker
Love’s Emblems by John Fletcher
A Round by William Browne
Ralph, the May-lord by Francis Beaumont
An Ode by Samuel Daniel
Under the Greenwood Tree by William Shakespeare
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May by Robert Herrick
Philomela by Richard Barnfield
A Nosegay by John Reynolds
The Shepherd’s Holyday by Ben Jonson
To Phyllis, the Fair Shepherdess by Thomas Lodge
The Beggars’ Holiday by John Fletcher
Young Love by William Shakespeare
God Lyæus, Ever Young by John Fletcher
What Is Love? by John Fletcher
Advice to a Girl by Thomas Campion
Cherry-ripe by Thomas Campion
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love by Christopher Marlowe
The Nymph’s Reply by Sir Walter Raleigh
The Message by Thomas Heywood
Corydon’s Song by Thomas Lodge
A Ditty by Sir Philip Sidney
Wooing Stuff by Sir Philip Sidney
The Lover’s Theme by Thomas Lodge
Olden Love-making by Nicholas Breton
True Love by Thomas Campion
The Complete Lover by William Browne
His Supposed Mistress by Ben Jonson
A Lover’s Question—Anonymous
Rosalind’s Madrigal by Thomas Lodge
What Wight He Loved by William Browne
It Was a Lover and His Lass by William Shakespeare
A Roundelay by Michael Drayton
Hey, Down a Down—Anonymous
Carpe Diem by William Shakespeare
Know, Celia, Since Thou Art So Proud by Thomas Carew
The Kiss by Ben Jonson
Gratiana Dancing by Richard Lovelace
In Praise of Two—Anonymous
Fair and Fair by George Peele
A Pastoral of Phyllis and Corydon by Nicholas Breton
Radagon in Dianam by Robert Greene
Philomela’s Ode That She Sung in Her Arbour by Robert Greene
The Nightingale by Sir Philip Sidney
Love’s Witchery by Thomas Lodge
Now What Is Love? by Sir Walter Raleigh
My Lady’s Hand by Sir Thomas Wyatt
Cherry-ripe by Robert Herrick
A Double Doubting—Anonymous
Love Guards the Roses of Thy Lips by Thomas Lodge
Lips and Eyes by Thomas Middleton
Passions of Desire—Anonymous
Song: ‘Who hath his fancy pleasèd’ by Sir Philip Sidney
Her Eyes by Nicholas Breton
To Dianeme by Robert Herrick
Then Love Be Judge—Anonymous
To Celia by Ben Jonson
A Miracle—Anonymous
On the Excellence of His Mistress by Nicholas Breton
For Pity, Pretty Eyes, Surcease by Thomas Lodge
Bright Star of Beauty by Michael Drayton
What Poor Astronomers Are They—Anonymous
Willing Bondage—Anonymous
What Guile Is This? by Edmund Spenser
Upon Julia’s Hair Filled with Dew by Robert Herrick
Daphne by John Lyly
The Glove by Ben Jonson
In Tears Her Triumph by William Shakespeare
Simplex Munditiis by Ben Jonson
Upon Julia’s Clothes by Robert Herrick
Delight in Disorder by Robert Herrick
On a Girdle by Edmund Waller
To the Western Wind by Robert Herrick
Phyllis by William Drummond of Hawthornden
A Dialogue by Christ Church MS.
Rosalind by William Shakespeare
Promised Weal by Sir Philip Sidney
Myra by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
Sweet Robbery by William Shakespeare
Doron’s Description of Samela by Robert Greene
There Is a Lady Sweet and Kind—Anonymous
Heart’s Hiding by A. W.
Sirena by Michael Drayton
Elizabeth of Bohemia by Sir Henry Wotton
A Praise of His Lady by John Heywood
Fair Is My Love by Edmund Spenser
A Ditty by Edmund Spenser
Wishes to His Supposed Mistress by Richard Crashaw
Rosaline by Thomas Lodge
Damelus’ Song of His Diaphenia by Henry Constable
Ubique by Joshua Sylvester
Flos Florum by George Wither
Fawnia by Robert Greene
Since First I Saw Your Face—Anonymous
Beauty and Rhyme by William Shakespeare
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? by William Shakespeare
Mark When She Smiles by Edmund Spenser
Beauty Clear and Fair by John Fletcher
Beauty’s Triumph—Anonymous
The Unfading Beauty by Thomas Carew
Perfect Beauty by Ben Jonson
Beauty’s Epitome by William Shakespeare
The Awakening—Anonymous
Vivamus Mea Lesbia, Atque Amemus by Thomas Campion
Vivamus by Ben Jonson
Love by George Herbert
Mullidor’s Madrigal by Robert Greene
A Hymn in Praise of Neptune by Thomas Campion
On Spenser’s “Faerie Queene” by Sir Walter Raleigh
If All the Pens That Ever Poets Held by Christopher Marlowe
Lusty May—Anonymous
When Flora Had O’erfret the Firth—Anonymous
In Youth Is Pleasure by Robert Wever
Come Hither, You That Love by John Fletcher
A Nymph’s Passion by Ben Jonson
A Madrigal by William Alexander, Earl of Stirling
A Welcome by William Browne
Phillis and Corydon by Robert Greene
The Triumph of Charis by Ben Jonson
My Heart Is High Above—Anonymous
Cards and Kisses by John Lyly
A Conspiracy—Anonymous
What the Mighty Love Has Done by John Fletcher
Menaphon’s Song by Robert Greene
Love’s Keys—Anonymous
Love’s Harvesters by George Peele
The Doubt Which Ye Misdeem by Edmund Spenser
Via Amoris by Sir Philip Sidney
Orpheus I Am, Come from the Deeps below by John Fletcher
I’ll Never Love Thee More by James Graham, Marquis of Montrose
Love’s College by John Lyly
Wily Cupid by Henry Chettle
Madrigal by Francis Davison
Beware of Love” by Anonymous
Dispraise of Love and Lover’s Follies by Francis Davison
If Women Could Be Fair and Yet Not Fond by Edward Vere, Earl of Oxford
Not Mine Own Fears by William Shakespeare
Whoever Thinks or Hopes of Love for Love—Anonymous
Why Canst Thou Not by John Danyel
The Impatient Maid by George Peele
The Excuse by Sir Walter Raleigh
To Electra by Robert Herrick
To Œnone by Robert Herrick
The Satyr’s Leave-taking by John Fletcher
The Satyr and Clorin by John Fletcher
Song: ‘Doubt you to whom my Muse these notes intendeth’ by Sir Philip Sidney
Basia by Thomas Campion
A Canzon Pastoral in Honour of Her Majesty by Edmund Bolton
Phœbe’s Sonnet by Thomas Lodge
Love’s Deity by John Donne
A True Love by Nicholas Grimald
A Rondel of Love by Alexander Scott
Love’s Immortality—Anonymous
Comfort by William Shakespeare
As Ye Came from the Holy Land by Sir Walter Raleigh
We Saw and Woo’d Each Other’s Eyes by William Habington
Love Omnipresent by Thomas Lodge
Lover’s Infiniteness by John Donne
The Full Love Is Hushed by William Shakespeare
Love Me or Not by Thomas Campion
The Love-Letter by William Shakespeare
The Silent Lover by Sir Walter Raleigh
Silence in Love by Sir Walter Raleigh
A Devout Lover by Thomas Randolph
Being Your Slave by William Shakespeare
Were My Heart As Some Men’s Are by Thomas Campion
Love’s Casuistry by William Shakespeare
A Lover’s Lullaby by George Gascoigne
The Great Adventure by William Browne
Silvia by William Shakespeare
To Chloe by William Cartwright
To Roses in the Bosom of Castara by William Habington
To Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything by Robert Herrick
To Althea, from Prison by Richard Lovelace
Cupid’s Hiding-place by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Fancy and Desire by Edward Vere, Earl of Oxford
Corydon’s Supplication by Nicholas Breton
My Lady Greensleeves—Anonymous
Ulysses and the Siren by Samuel Daniel
On the Queen’s Return from the Low Countries by William Cartwright
Madrigal: “My love in her attire doth show her wit” by Anonymous
Art above Nature: To Julia by Robert Herrick
The Stately Dames of Rome Their Pearls Did Wear by George Gascoigne
The Bracelet: To Julia by Robert Herrick
Upon Julia’s Recovery by Robert Herrick
Upon Combing Her Hair by Lord Herbert of Cherbury
So Oft As I Her Beauty Do Behold by Edmund Spenser
Hey Nonny No!—Anonymous
Passions by Thomas Watson
A Praise of His Love by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Song: ‘Ask me no more where Jove bestows’ by Thomas Carew
Go, Lovely Rose by Edmund Waller
My Lady’s Presence Makes the Roses Red by Henry Constable
On Quicksedge, Wrought with Lovely Eglantine by Robert Tofte
My Spotless Love Hovers with Purest Wings by Samuel Daniel
Fairest, When by the Rules of Palmistry by William Browne
Speak, Thou Fairest Fair by John Fletcher
Restore Thy Tresses by Samuel Daniel
Do Me Right and Do Me Reason by Thomas Lodge
Love Winged My Hopes—Anonymous
The Mad Maid’s Song by Robert Herrick
Toss Not My Soul, O Love—Anonymous
If the Quick Spirits in Your Eye by Thomas Carew
To the Blest Evanthe by John Fletcher
Brunet and Phyllis by Sir Thomas Wyatt
The Invitation by Thomas Dekker
Piping Peace by James Shirley
The Solitary Shepherd’s Song by Thomas Lodge
How Can the Heart Forget Her? by Francis Davison
Chloris in the Snow—Anonymous
What Delight Can They Enjoy by John Danyel
Doron’s Jig by Robert Greene
When, Dearest, I but Think of Thee by Sir John Suckling
Beauty Bathing by Anthony Munday
Song: ‘Follow a shadow, it still flies you’ by Ben Jonson
The Shepherd’s Sun by Anthony Munday
Against Them Who Lay Unchastity to the Sex of Women by William Habington
My Hope a Counsel—Anonymous
Faith Everlasting—Anonymous
A Doubt of Martyrdom by Sir John Suckling
The Crier by Michael Drayton
The Constant Lover by Sir John Suckling
Sigh No More, Ladies by William Shakespeare
Hymn to Venus by John Fletcher
Time and Love by William Shakespeare
Complaint of the Absence of Her Lover Being upon the Sea by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
To Lucasta, Going beyond the Seas by Richard Lovelace
To Her Sea-faring Lover—Anonymous
Song of the Siren by William Browne
Wounded I Am—Anonymous
The Ways on Earth by Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
Love’s Sacrifice by John Fletcher
Sonet: ‘Fra bank to bank, fra wood to wood I rin’ by Mark Alexander Boyd
Waly, Waly, Love Be Bonny—Anonymous
The Lover’s Appeal by Sir Thomas Wyatt
In Imagine Pertransit Homo by Thomas Campion
Thou May’st Repent by Samuel Daniel
A Supplication by Sir Thomas Wyatt
Vixi Puellis Nuper Idoneus by Sir Thomas Wyatt
The Indifferent by Francis Beaumont
The Faithless Shepherdess—Anonymous
Think’st Thou to Seduce Me Then by Thomas Campion
The Message by John Donne
My Heart by Oxford Music School MS.
To His Forsaken Mistress by Sir Robert Ayton
I Loved a Lass by George Wither
Then Hate Me When Thou Wilt by William Shakespeare
Disdain Me Still—Anonymous
Away, Delights! by John Fletcher
To His Inconstant Mistress by Thomas Carew
To an Inconstant One by Sir Robert Ayton
Falsehood by William Cartwright
Accurst Be Love by Thomas Lodge
The Lover Curseth the Time When First He Fell in Love by Sir Thomas Wyatt
O Crudelis Amor by George Peele
To His Lute by Sir Thomas Wyatt
The Scorner Scorned by George Wither
Hence Away, You Sirens by George Wither
A Revocation by Sir Thomas Wyatt
A Renunciation by Thomas Campion
A Renunciation by Henry King
O Cruel Love by John Lyly
False Love—Anonymous
Twas I That Paid for All Things—Anonymous
The Recall of Love by William Shakespeare
Take, O Take Those Lips Away by William Shakespeare
A Recantation—Anonymous
The Parting by Michael Drayton
Love and Death by Ben Jonson
A Dirge: Love Is Dead by Sir Philip Sidney
Resolved to Dust by Thomas Watson
The Ballad of Dowsabel by Michael Drayton
Song: ‘Love is a sickness full of woes’ by Samuel Daniel
Song: ‘Go and catch a falling star’ by John Donne
Why So Pale and Wan? by Sir John Suckling
Sweet Love, Renew Thy Force by William Shakespeare
Doralicia’s Ditty by Robert Greene
Familia’s Song by Robert Greene
Muses That Sing by George Chapman
I Saw the Object by Thomas Watson
Yea or Nay by Sir Thomas Wyatt
Upon Her Protesting, That Now Having Tried His Sincere Affection, She Loved Him by Francis Davison
The Lowest Trees Have Tops by Sir Edward Dyer
The Chase by William Rowley
No Minute Good to Love—Anonymous
Did Not the Heavenly Rhetoric of Thine Eye by William Shakespeare
Song: ‘Sweetest love, I do not go’ by John Donne
The Strange Passion of a Lover by George Gascoigne
A Bequest of His Heart by Alexander Scott
Shall I Come, Sweet Love to Thee by Thomas Campion
Song: ‘Only joy! now here you are’ by Sir Philip Sidney
The Dream by John Donne
Song: ‘O dear life, when shall it be’ by Sir Philip Sidney
N’oserez Vous, Mon Bel Ami? by Robert Greene
Panglory’s Wooing Song by Giles Fletcher
Ode: ‘My only star’ by Francis Davison
The One I Would Love by Sir Thomas Wyatt
There Is None, O None but You by Thomas Campion
Montana the Shepherd, His Love to Aminta by Anthony Munday
Canzonet: ‘I pray thee, leave, love me no more’ by Michael Drayton
To a Gentlewoman by George Turberville
The Gift—Anonymous
Loving in Truth, and Fain in Verse My Love to Show by Sir Philip Sidney
Montanus’ Vow by Thomas Lodge
Since Brass, nor Stone by William Shakespeare
Stella, Think Not by Sir Philip Sidney
Love Unalterable by William Shakespeare
Syrinx by John Lyly
The Merry Cuckoo, Messenger of Spring by Edmund Spenser
To His Book by Edmund Spenser
Laura by Thomas Campion
Let Others Sing of Knights and Paladines by Samuel Daniel
Fair Hebe—Anonymous
On Lucy, Countess of Bedford by Ben Jonson
Clear Anker, on Whose Silver-sanded Shore by Michael Drayton
I Must Not Grieve My Love, Whose Eyes Would Read by Samuel Daniel
Down in a Valley, by a Forest’s Side by William Browne
Rudely Thou Wrongest My Dear Heart’s Desire by Edmund Spenser
Small Comfort Might My Banish’d Hopes Recall by William Alexander, Earl of Stirling
And Yet I Cannot Reprehend the Flight by Samuel Daniel
Zephyrus Brings the Time That Sweetly Scenteth—Anonymous
Here Lies the Blithe Spring by Thomas Dekker
Look, Delia, How We Esteem the Half-blown Rose by Samuel Daniel
The Rose by William Browne
A Rose by Sir Richard Fanshawe
Fair Is the Rose—Anonymous
Sweet Rose, Whence Is This Hue? by William Drummond of Hawthornden
The Blushing Rose and Purple Flower by Philip Massinger
The Funeral Rites of the Rose by Robert Herrick
A Summer’s Day by Michael Drayton
The Grasshopper by Richard Lovelace
A Summer Day by Alexander Hume
Where the Bee Sucks by William Shakespeare
The Stream by Christopher Marlowe
The Dancing of the Sea by Sir John Davies
As When the Time Hath Been by Richard Corbet
A Sweet Pastoral by Nicholas Breton
The Country’s Recreations—Anonymous
Fortunati Nimium by Thomas Campion
The Happy Countryman by Nicholas Breton
Come, Follow Me, Ye Country Lasses by John Fletcher or William Rowley
Country Glee by Thomas Dekker
What Pleasure Have Great Princes—Anonymous
The Shepherd’s Wife’s Song by Robert Greene
An Ode to Master Anthony Stafford to Hasten Him into the Country by Thomas Randolph
Epithalamium by Sir Philip Sidney
Bridal Song by John Fletcher
The Bridal Song by Francis Beaumont
A Bridal Song by William Shakespeare or John Fletcher
Epithalamium by Edmund Spenser
Epithalamion Teratos by George Chapman
Epithalamium by Ben Jonson
Prothalamion by Edmund Spenser
Helen’s Epithalamium by Sir Edward Dyer
The Fay’s Marriage by Michael Drayton
A Ballad upon a Wedding by Sir John Suckling
Sephestia’s Song to Her Child by Robert Greene
A Sweet Lullaby by Nicholas Breton
A Child’s Grace by Robert Herrick
When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy by William Shakespeare
Music by William Strode
Music to Hear, Why Hear’st Thou Music Sadly? by William Shakespeare
Orpheus by William Shakespeare or John Fletcher
To Music, to Becalm His Fever by Robert Herrick
Let Rhymes No More Disgrace—Anonymous
If Music and Sweet Poetry Agree by Richard Barnfield
The Bower of Bliss by Edmund Spenser
Church Music by George Herbert
To Live Merrily and to Trust to Good Verses by Robert Herrick
Master Francis Beaumont’s Letter to Ben Jonson by Francis Beaumont
His Prayer to Ben Jonson by Robert Herrick
London Taverns by Thomas Heywood
Let the Bells Ring, and Let the Boys Sing by John Fletcher
Jolly Good Ale and Old by John Still
Pedlar’s Song—Anonymous
Come Buy, Come Buy by William Shakespeare
Come to the Pedlar by William Shakespeare
Phœbus, Farewell! by Sir Philip Sidney
Constancy by William Shakespeare
Absence by William Shakespeare
How Like a Winter Hath My Absence Been by William Shakespeare
Ode by John Donne
Be Your Words Made, Good Sir, of Indian Ware by Sir Philip Sidney
To Lucasta, Going to the Wars by Richard Lovelace
Love and Debt by Sir John Suckling
The Wanton Shepherdess by John Fletcher
A Woman Will Have Her Will by John Fletcher
Three Poor Mariners by Thomas Ravenscroft
To the Virginian Voyage by Michael Drayton
For Soldiers by Humphrey Gifford
Agincourt by Michael Drayton
A Farewell to Arms by George Peele
The Soldier Going to the Field by Sir William Davenant
The Fairy Life by William Shakespeare
Charms by Thomas Campion
The Charm by William Browne
Cuckoo by William Shakespeare
The Ousel-Cock, So Black of Hue by William Shakespeare
You Spotted Snakes by William Shakespeare
The Holy Well by John Fletcher
Nymphidia by Michael Drayton
Hymn to Pan by John Fletcher
Hymn to Pan by Ben Jonson
An Ode to Himself by Ben Jonson
Who Grace for Zenith Had by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
Song: ‘Virtue’s branches wither, Virtue pines’ by Thomas Dekker
Pari Jugo Dulcis Tractus—Anonymous
Man by Sir John Davies
The Life of Man by Henry King
The Pulley by George Herbert
Integer Vitae by Thomas Campion
A Fancy by Sir Edward Dyer
Epode by Ben Jonson
Man’s Medley by George Herbert
Scorn Not the Least by Robert Southwell
Amantium Irae by Richard Edwardes
O Sweet Woods by Sir Philip Sidney
Man’s Civil War by Robert Southwell
The World by Francis Bacon
Go, Nightly Cares—Anonymous
Epistle to the Countess of Cumberland by Samuel Daniel
Change and Fate by Thomas Campion
A Farewell to the Vanities of the World by Sir Walter Raleigh
A Farewell to the World by Ben Jonson
Care for Thyself—Anonymous
Madrigal by William Drummond of Hawthornden
My Mind a Kingdom by Sir Edward Dyer
The Noble Balm by Ben Jonson
Wishes for Vin by Richard Corbet
The Means to Attain Happy Life by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
The Character of a Happy Life by Sir Henry Wotton
Content by Robert Greene
Sweet Content by Thomas Dekker
Thrice Happy He Who by Some Shady Grove by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Ah, Sweet Content, Where Is Thy Mild Abode? by Barnabe Barnes
A Passion of My Lord of Essex by Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
Truth Doth Truth Deserve by Sir Philip Sidney
A Song for Priests by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
Coronemus nos Rosis antequam marcescant by Thomas Jordan
Crabbèd Age and Youth by William Shakespeare
Times Go by Turns by Robert Southwell
Even Such Is Time by Sir Walter Raleigh
Time by Jasper Mayne
The Merry Heart by William Shakespeare
Old Age by Edmund Waller
Questions and Answers by Thomas, Lord Vaux
No Medicine to Mirth by Francis Beaumont
To Be Merry by Robert Herrick
Virtue Triumphant by Ben Jonson
A Madrigal by Thomas Lodge
Whilst Youthful Sports Are Lasting by Thomas Lodge
Content and Resolute by William Drummond of Hawthornden
They That Have Power to Hurt and Will Do None by William Shakespeare
The Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame by William Shakespeare
Loss in Delay by Robert Southwell
Lines Written on a Garden Seat by George Gascoigne
To Daffodils by Robert Herrick
Vanitas Vanitatum by John Webster
Whether Men Do Laugh or Weep by Thomas Campion
Life, a Bubble by William Drummond of Hawthornden
O Fly, My Soul by James Shirley
All Is Naught—Anonymous
Poor Soul, the Centre of My Sinful Earth by William Shakespeare
Happy He—Anonymous
Concerning the Honour of Books by John Florio
The Book of the World by William Drummond of Hawthornden
The World, a Hunting by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Virtue by George Herbert
A Contrast by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
Eidola by Samuel Daniel
A Palinode by Edmund Bolton
Sic Transit by Thomas Campion
Amiens’ Song by William Shakespeare
Embers by William Shakespeare
Fidele by William Shakespeare
Sad Memorials by William Drummond of Hawthornden
A Religious Use of Taking Tobacco by Robert Wisdome
If Thou Survive by William Shakespeare
On Sardanapalus’ Dishonourable Life and Miserable Death by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
I Fear Not Henceforth Death by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Good Night by Thomas Armstrong
Chidiock Tichborne’s Lament by Chidiock Tichborne
His Winding-Sheet by Robert Herrick
Miserrimus by Robert Greene
To a Mistress Dying by Sir William Davenant
Thy Bosom Is Endearèd with All Hearts by William Shakespeare
When to the Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought by William Shakespeare
To His Lute by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Alexis, Here She Stayed, among These Pines by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Sweet Soul, Which in the April of Thy Years by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Forget by William Shakespeare
One Day I Wrote Her Name upon the Strand by Edmund Spenser
I Know That All beneath the Moon Decays by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Thou Window, Once Which Servèd for a Sphere by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Æglamour’s Lament by Ben Jonson
O Crudelis Amor by Thomas Campion
Her Autumn by William Shakespeare
Like As the Culver, on the Barèd Bough by Edmund Spenser
To Me, Fair Friend, You Never Can Be Old by William Shakespeare
Bright Soul of the Sad Year by Thomas Nashe
Praise of Ceres by Thomas Heywood
Winter by William Shakespeare
Now Winter Nights Enlarge by Thomas Campion
A Round by Francis Beaumont
Come, Sorrow, Come—Anonymous
Come, Ye Heavy States of Night—Anonymous
O, Sorrow, Sorrow by Thomas Dekker
Urns and Odours Bring Away by William Shakespeare or John Fletcher
Melancholy by John Fletcher
Of Misery by Thomas Howell
The Weeper by Richard Crashaw
Idle Tears by John Fletcher
I Saw My Lady Weep—Anonymous
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains—Anonymous
To Daisies, Not to Shut So Soon by Robert Herrick
The Evening Knell by John Fletcher
Pan’s Sentinel by John Fletcher
Song of Woe by William Shakespeare
Country Nights by Richard Corbet
Sweet Suffolk Owl by Thomas Vautor
Love Hath Eyes by Night—Anonymous
The Night-Piece: To Julia by Robert Herrick
Nox Nocti Indicat Scientiam by William Habington
Song: ‘Who is it that, this dark night’ by Sir Philip Sidney
Now the Hungry Lion Roars by William Shakespeare
To a Nightingale by William Drummond of Hawthornden
To the Nightingale by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Hymn to Diana by Ben Jonson
To Cynthia by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
The Moon by Sir Philip Sidney
To Cynthia by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
The Moon by Charles Best
Lullaby by Thomas Dekker
Come, Sleep by John Fletcher
Invocation to Sleep by John Fletcher
Care-Charmer Sleep, Son of the Sable Night by Samuel Daniel
Hark, All You Ladies by Thomas Campion
Sleep, Angry Beauty, Sleep by Thomas Campion
To Sleep by Sir Philip Sidney
Sleep by Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset
Two Carols. I. Bringing in the Boar’s Head—Anonymous
Two Carols. II. In Die Nativitatis—Anonymous
A Christmas Carol by Robert Herrick
Ceremonies for Christmas by Robert Herrick
Our Blessed Lady’s Lullaby by Richard Rowlands
To His Saviour, a Child: A Present by a Child by Robert Herrick
The Burning Babe by Robert Southwell
Verses from the Shepherds’ Hymn by Richard Crashaw
The New Year’s Gift by Robert Herrick
Saint John Baptist by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Upon the Book and Picture of the Seraphical Saint Teresa by Richard Crashaw
To Saint Katherine by Henry Constable
For the Magdalene by William Drummond of Hawthornden
A Hymn to the Name and Honour of the Admirable Saint Teresa by Richard Crashaw
The Talent by Barnabe Barnes
To His Ever-loving God by Robert Herrick
A Hymn to God the Father by John Donne
The Soul’s Haven by Nicholas Breton
A Litany by Phineas Fletcher
His Pilgrimage by Sir Walter Raleigh
Litany to the Holy Spirit by Robert Herrick
Forsake Thyself, to Heaven Turn Thee by Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
To Music Bent Is My Retired Mind by Thomas Campion
A Dialogue by George Herbert
Discipline by George Herbert
An Ecstasy by Francis Quarles
O Come Quickly by Thomas Campion
The White Island by Robert Herrick
If I Could Shut the Gate against My Thoughts by John Danyel
Praise and Prayer by Sir William Davenant
The Collar by George Herbert
The Flower by George Herbert
Guests by Christ Church MS.
In Time of Plague by Thomas Nashe
Most Glorious Lord of Life, That on This Day by Edmund Spenser
Christ Crucified by Richard Crashaw
Easter Song by George Herbert
Beyond by Lord Herbert of Cherbury
The New Jerusalem—Anonymous
Epigram by Francis Quarles
What Doth It Serve to See Sun’s Burning Face by William Drummond of Hawthornden
Aspatia’s Song by John Fletcher
Ophelia’s Song by William Shakespeare
Valediction, Forbidding Mourning by John Donne
Death’s Emissaries by James Shirley
Death the Leveller by James Shirley
Death, Be Not Proud by John Donne
Echo’s Dirge for Narcissus by Ben Jonson
A Lover’s Dirge by William Shakespeare
Robin Hood’s Dirge by Anthony Munday and Henry Chettle
A Land Dirge by John Webster
A Sea Dirge by William Shakespeare
The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi by John Webster
The Funeral by John Donne
On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey by Francis Beaumont
The Phœnix and the Turtle by William Shakespeare
On the Death of Sir Philip Sidney by Henry Constable
From ‘Daphnaïda’ by Edmund Spenser
To His Paternal Country by Robert Herrick
Three Epitaphs upon the Death of a Rare Child of Six Years Old by Francis Davison
Upon a Child That Died by Robert Herrick
Another Elegy upon a Child That Died by Robert Herrick
Exequy on His Wife by Henry King
On a Virtuous Young Gentlewoman That Died Suddenly by William Cartwright
Of His Dear Son, Gervase by Sir John Beaumont
A Part of an Ode by Ben Jonson
On the Lady Mary Villiers by Thomas Carew
Hero’s Epitaph by William Shakespeare
Epitaph on the Countess Dowager of Pembroke by William Browne 1590–c. 1645) or Ben Jonson
Epitaph on Elizabeth L. H. by Ben Jonson
An Epitaph on Salathiel Pavy by Ben Jonson
Upon the Death of Sir Albertus Morton’s Wife by Sir Henry Wotton
In Obitum M S, X. Maij, 1614 by William Browne
The Widow by George Wither
An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife by Richard Crashaw
Troll the Bowl by Thomas Dekker
The Bonny Earl of Murray—Anonymous
An Elegy of a Woman’s Heart by Sir Henry Wotton
Comfort to a Youth That Had Lost His Love by Robert Herrick
Let No Bird Sing by William Browne
Calantha’s Dirge by John Ford
Luce’s Dirge by Francis Beaumont
Penthea’s Dying Song by John Ford
An Elegy upon the Death of Doctor Donne by Thomas Carew
The Soul’s Errand by Sir Walter Raleigh
No Trust in Time by William Drummond of Hawthornden
To Time by A. W.
Postscript: Sonnet Prefixed to His Majesty’s Instructions to His Dearest Son, Henry the Prince by King James I.