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ENV100 Principles of Environmental Science
Final Exam –


1. The interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the non-living physical environment is termed

a) ecology
b) sociology
c) political science
d) risk analysis
e) environmental science

2. What activity/activities contribute(s) to making the human species the most significant agent of environmental change on Earth?
a) continued population growth
b) consuming non-renewable resources
c) eradicating unique species
d) ignoring the environment
e) All of the above

3. In order for a country to progress from a less developed country (LDC) to a moderately developed country (MDC), the country would have to
a) increase rate of …show more content…

b) an estuary.
c) a freshwater wetland.
d) the oceanic province.
e) a reef.

21. Which of the following statements concerning urbanization is not correct?
a) Urban and rural areas often have different proportions of males and females.
b) After a heavy rainstorm runoff can overwhelm sewage systems and result in sewage spills.
c) Most workers in cities in the United States have to commute only one or two miles from home to work.
d) Growing urban areas impact land-use patterns and water drainage.
e) Factories and commercial enterprises in urban areas cause a buildup of airborne emissions. 22. What are the specific roles of the troposphere and stratosphere in the overall ecology of the Earth?
The stratosphere absorbs the UV radiations. The troposphere is the lowest part of Earth’s atmosphere.

23. The birds pictured below illustrate

a) differential reproductive success
b) evolution by natural selection
c) primary succession
d) the biodiversity that occurs on islands

24. Which of the following is not a source of human impact on the marine environment?
a) coastal development, both residential and industrial
b) global warming
c) trash
d) increased levels of O2
e) chemical pollution from pesticides, heavy metals, and synthetic chemicals

25. What is the relationship between locations of earthquakes and plate tectonics?
a) Earthquakes frequently happen where

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