English 205 Unit 1 Assignment

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Writing 205 has taught me more then just writing stratagies, it has taught me who I am as a writer. Throughout the course of the semester I have learned new strategies, techniques, and tools that have helped me develop as a writer, as well as establishing my voice. Through vigorous course work I can say that I am more educated on writing skills in addition to annotating sources and genres. Reflecting back on this past semester I see how each unit has branched from each other as a guide for what was to come next. This made going from unit to unit flow in a natural way to achieve the best final product. The first day of writing I found myself uneducated on the topic of censorship and how it substantially affects our lives. Unit one helped …show more content…

This is because I felt it was very rushed and I wasn’t as connected to my topic as I was in units one and two. In my opinion “When We Fight We Win” was a lot harder to read because of how long each chapter was and how broad the information tended to be. I felt that each chapter tended to drag and the only think I looked forward to in each chapter was the pictures. Although illustrations are still a type of reading political cartoons tend to have a deeper meaning, which often makes them more confusing. After discussing each chapter for class and homework I decided that Chapter 5, Occupy Wall Street would be the best topic for me for this unit. This topic always intrigued me because business plays such an important role in my life but the information in the book spoke more about food donations and racism then did about the movement itself. For this unit I found myself making a presentation on something I was familiar with, but wouldn’t say knowledgeable about. This is because I didn’t know the background or even the foundation of Occupy Wall Street, which made it harder to relate to as a writer. If I had to change anything about this program it would be this unit. Unit three I feel most people including myself felt uncomfortable presenting about because of the lack of time and research that was done on our selected topics. In my opinion if I had more time and resources I would of been able to give a better presentation about a topic that I am passionate about without feeling

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