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Should People Who Have Been Convicted of Selling Drugs Be Requires to be listed in a Drug Offender Database Deanna Overton Ivy Tech Community College Should people who have been convicted of selling drugs be required to be listed in a drug offender database? Some of my readers are unaware of the percentage that has been locked up for this offense. There are a lot of different emotions about this because I have some people here that have once been in this situation and they are saying that they don’t know if we should have the database information. I’m telling them to put their self in my shoes and look at how are young kids are growing up in this community and the wrong influence can cause your child to become one of …show more content…

The following Illicit teen drug use as of 2009: * 8th grade -- 30.3% * 10th grade -- 44.9% * 12th grade -- 52.8% (www.teendrugabuse/teendrugstatistics.html). With this database we can solve the problems with mothers who are pregnant and doing drugs statistics shows that drug addict babies: the number of children born to addicts has almost doubled in the last five years. Last year there were 1,970 women who were addicted to drugs at the time of birth compared to 1,057 back in 2003. Of those 1,970 women with a drug dependency, 1,211 babies are born with their mother’s addiction as the habit was passed on to the baby while still in the womb. This means that everyday five drug addicted mothers gives birth to a baby and three out of the five will suffer the withdrawal symptoms of their mother’s addiction. This is more reason why this database should be in effect based on the statistics that show what drug can do to our community. This database could alert social worker, medical people who are in need with people with a drug addiction. ( I think that this database would help out tremendously especially if someone you know lost a love one due to the drug activity that’s in our neighborhood. The fact is my last statistic is that a have a personal stats. “Kim states, that she had a brother who got killed 8 years ago due to drugs. She stated that her brother was 18 years

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