Eng1502 Unit 2 Assignment

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ENG1502 59579064 Assignment 1 [873634] Question 1 i) Symbolic signs are never a direct image of the desired action. Instead a symbol which is usually associated with an action. Eg: the panda bear logo which is associated The World Wildlife Fund. The organization is not in place simply for Pandas, it’s associated with all endangered animals. However if someone comes across the symbol they immediately know who it represents. An iconic image is a direct image of a desired action. For example an icon of a man swimming on a sign close to a pool/river means that it is safe to swim in that designated area. ii) Signs indicate meaning by showing you the instruction. They achieve this by using symbols and colours. Usually a Red/White sign with black writing is used for traffic signs indicating limitations or instruction, eg: Maximum speed, yield sign etc. Green is used for informative signs and blue for recreational/services. Shapes are also used: Octagon-stop, upside down triangle-yield, diamond-possible hazard etc. Question 2 i) Heteronyms ii) Homonyms Question 3 Voicing Place of articulation Manner of articulation Example s Voiceless …show more content…

The words with multiple different ways of spelling and pronunciation are endless. You become used to it when English is your first language. However I have noticed particularly in reading that sometimes you’ll read a passage and think, hold on that doesn’t make sense. Then as you think about it you realize that you have thought of the wrong word. “A minute discrepancy was found”. The reader pronounces it as Minute, which is a time frame instead of minute meaning a small irregularity. This throws off the sentience completely. You hear this regularly happening in the media. Sometimes when politicians make speeches and English is not their first language they pronounce letters in the word which are usually silent. For example Foreign, where the letter “g” is

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