eng 1101 essay 2

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Krystle Manley-Reed
Instructor: L. Wallace
English 1101-80569
2 October 2014
Essay 2
Fine Lines One of the main points in the article “Why America Should Outlaw Spanking” by Emily Bazelon is about how many rights parents have in America. The main example talked about in this article is about corporal punishment and whether or not parents have the right to spank their child or not. Reasons being that some extreme parents take it too far sometimes, leaving bruises and possibly even fracturing bones. Politian’s believe that outlawing spanking would assist the courts in help make a ruling about child abuse. Spanking is a necessary evil that helps correct incorrect behavior. Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s we were always told that if …show more content…

It was stated in this article that Baumrind did a study to show the link between reliance on physical punishment that is associated with harm of a child. It showed that parents that spank their child occasionally did not have children that were angry as a result of the punishment. Parents did not have to worry about simply hitting their child out of anger, or the possibility of their child becoming some random serial killer because they were spanked as a child. Kids knew how to respond to the punishment they received back in the 90’s. Parents were not taking it too far and the few parents that were taken to jail and received the maximum amount of punishment the law would allow. Kids now days believe they are entitled to everything, which as a result do not know how to handle being spanked, often because it does not occur in the home. Honestly there is a fine line between spanking your child and abusing them. Parents give their kids whatever the child desires now days, which results in a spoiled rotten child. Those children do not how to work for anything. When they do something wrong they expect their parents to just simply deal with it and when the parent decides otherwise they give the parent attitude and throw a little hissy fit. As parents, adults have the right to do what they deem fit in all fifty states. Outlawing spanking will not make it any easier to

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