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Analog Electronics
Analog electronics is a subject which deals with the low voltage level electronic circuits, particularly as it applies to semiconductor devices like diodes, transistors and operational amplifiers.
Communication System
Communication systems explores the different types of communication techniques like generation and demodulation. It also deals with the different types of noise in communication systems.
Digital Electronics
Digital electronics covers digital signals and the engineering of devices that use or produce them. Here we discuss number system, combinational and sequential circuits, and logic circuits.
Electric Circuits and Networks
Electric circuits and networks is a subject in which we deal with the interconnection of various active and passive components in a prescribed manner to form a closed path. This area also explores various methods of analysis and theorems to simplify the circuits.
Electrical Installations
Electrical installations covers the construction or installation of electrical wiring or installation of electrical products. Electrical installation also entails the maintenance or repair of installed electrical wiring and permanently attached electrical products.
Electrical Machines
Electrical machines is a field of study around electromechanical energy conversion such as electrical to mechanical energy conversion (motoring action) and mechanical to electrical energy conversion (generating action).
Electromagnetic field theory
Electromagnetic field theory examines the different types of coordinate system and the principle of electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic Field Theory
Electronic Devices
Electronic devices covers the working and construction of low voltage level semiconductor device like Diode, BJT and MOSFET.
Electronics Devices
Instrumentation explores the different types of sensors and measuring instruments.
Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Microwave engineering
Microwave engineering investigates the generation and transmission of microwave signal and the ways in which this technology is applied in the real world.
Microwave Engineering
Power Electronics
Power electronics centers on high voltage level electronics devices and circuits which are made by semiconductor material. Using a semiconductor switch, power supply in one form is converted into another form such as AC to DC, DC to AC or DC to DC.
Power Systems
Power systems' includes analysis of generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy in both AC and DC forms. It covers both underground cables and overhead lines and their protection.
Satellite communication and Radar
Satellite communication is a field which examines signal transmission from Earth to satellites and broadcasting management. Radar is a system of detection and tracking of stationary and moving targets.
Satellite Communication and Radar
Signal and System
Very Large Scale Integration
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