Edu 602 Personal Position Paper

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Elective Course EDUU 602 Essay
The chosen signature assessment, Personal Position Paper, is an assignment from EDUU 602, Positive Behavioral Supports. This signature assessment expresses the Program Learning Outcome (PLO) number 1, Ethics, which demonstrates knowledge of ethical standards of teaching. The course was a study of theories, practices, and ethical issues in modifying and remediating behavior with emphasis on creating positive, productive school climates and implementing effective, positive and respectful applied behavior analysis techniques. The course included a minimum of 25 hours of authentic field experience. The books used for EDUU 602 were, Comprehensive classroom management: Creating communities of support and solving problems …show more content…

The first principle, Ethical Conduct toward Students includes:
1. The professional educator being considerate and fair with each student, and searches for ways to resolve problems, as well as discipline, according to law and school policy.
2. A professional educator does not deliberately expose a student to ridicule.
3. A professional educator does not divulge confidential information regarding students, unless required by law.
4. The professional educator makes a constructive effort to protect the student from conditions detrimental to learning, health, or safety.
5. A professional educator presents facts without distortion, bias, or personal prejudice.
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This student is on medication that greatly reduces the aggressive behavior, but there is also the complication of hormones and the poor living situation for the first 6 years of this student's life. She is learning to use her "words" by telling staff if another student is irritating her instead of hitting or kicking. The boy that follows girls around and stands too close to them has improved. He has become more aware through social stories and repeated practice of the correct social behavior. All my students practice shaking hands and saying "Hi" to other students in an appropriate manner. Scratching staff was not an acceptable behavior. This student would scratch when she wanted a specific item, attention, a break, or food. She also would steal food from other students. Being non-verbal was tough for her to communicate her wants and needs to staff. Use of a VOCA like the previous student did not interest her. I found that she really liked the classroom iPad and was able to maneuver through games and other pre-school level activities. This child has been an amazingly well behaved student after she was taught how to use a picture communication system with a voice output on a mini iPad. She uses the program Proloquo2Go in school and at home. This symbol supported communication app gives a voice to people who cannot speak ("Proloquo2Go"). Her parents are now able to take her shopping,

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