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Architectural drafting and design
Architectural drafting and design deals with the technical drawings, detailed plans, and models that are associated in a construction project.
Building Construction
Different topics such as construction of super structures, building communication and ventilation, building maintenance and overview of building components are studied under building construction.
Building planning
Building planning deals with building drawings, building by-laws, submission of detailed drawings, elements of perspective drawings and general development and central regulations.
Construction estimation
Estimating the cost of construction considering all the factors into account such as material charges, equipment charges, labor charges.
Construction management
Construction management covers the scoping and planning of construction projects. PERT, CPM and other project management techniques are studied under construction management.
Design of Structures
Before the construction of any structure, the designing of the structure is made. The various components of the structure are designed and analyzed. Once the results are safe and well within the acceptable limit the reinforcement detailing and sectional views are prepared for the execution of the structure.
Engineering fundamentals
Engineering fundamentals include introduction to civil engineering, unit systems, physics laws, linear interpolation, dependent and independent variable and their interrelationships.
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering mechanics mainly deals with the behavior of a structure either at rest or in motion under the action of force.
Environmental engineering
Environmental engineering deals with the study of air, water, soil pollution along with pollution prevention and treatment techniques.
Finite element analysis and design
The design and analysis of a structure by dividing the structure into different nodes and analyzing each segment between specified nodes.
Geotechnical engineering
The behavioral study of soil under various loading conditions for different structures. The stability of slopes, foundation planning and designing, shear and bearing capacity of soil are studied under geotechnical engineering.
Material science and properties
The testing and experimental investigation of different construction composites for its suitability under various loading and environmental conditions. The selection of suitable material to meet the required purpose.
Materials for civil and construction engineers
Selection of various construction composites from variety of materials available in market to meet the climatic requirements.
Strength of materials
Determining the stresses and strains in the structural members considering the properties of the material like strength, Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio. for various loading conditions. The failure of materials is also studied under strength of materials.
Structural analysis
The behavior of the designed structures is analyzed in structural analysis using set of theories that obey the physics laws.
Surveying is determing the relative position of points on the Earth's surface and measuring the angle and distance between them in order to calculate the required parameters such as elevation and enclosed area.
Sustainable energy
Energy that is produced with little to no harmful impact on the environment is called sustainable energy. Wind energy, solar energy, and tidal energy are just some examples of sustainable energy.
Traffic and highway engineering
Highway engineering deals with design, construction and maintenence of roads while Traffic engineering deals with traffic studies for efficient transportation of goods and people.
Water resource engineering
The effective utilization of the water for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes is studied in water resource engineering. Canals, dams, irrigation, groundwater are studied under water resource engineering.
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