Chapter 2.4 Assignment

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2.4 - Assignment: Review Questions Chapter 3: 1.The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publishes a report card every four to five years grading the condition of sixteen infrastructural systems that are vital to the US. Unfortunately, America’s 2013 GPA is a D+ (which is actually up from the 2009 GPA of D-). Visit the ASCE report card web site at (Links to an external site.) , select one the sixteen that you feel provides the most risk to global logistics and SCM. Write a brief discussion (no more than ½ page) supporting your claim. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates that more than 95% (by volume) of overseas trade produced or consumed by the United States moves through our ports. To sustain and serve a growing economy and compete internationally, our nation’s ports need to be maintained, modernized, and expanded. While port authorities and their private sector partners have planned over $46 billion in capital improvements from now until 2016, federal funding has declined for navigable waterways and landside freight connections needed to move goods to and from the ports. Our ports serve as a critical entry point for a majority of imports, and allow U.S. businesses to access global markets and to …show more content…

imports arrived to the U.S. by water in 2010, valued at over $940 billion Ports are the most important aspect of global logistics because most cargo comes by way of shores for global logistics. 2.Using the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) grading system (see Ch 3, problem 1 above) and in the context of your conclusions from Ch 1, problem 1, assign a letter grade to each of the following infrastructures from a worldwide (global) infrastructure perspective. Defend your grade for each. What is your worldwide GPA? a. Ports C b. Canals and waterways

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