C/4148 Week 1 Research Paper

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W/c 4148 Santa and the elf named Sylvester, the village wizard, had just completed trying out and approving the new, hold everything, toy bag. Sly, Santa, the tailor, and some other elves loaded and unloaded the bag several times. Each time they had the same success as before, it worked great. After all the others left, Santa and Sylvester stated in the lab and had a cup of hot cocoa. The two are discussing the possibilities the new magical toy bag brings to the delivery of presents. Standing up and putting on his coat Santa was about ready to say Goodnight, when Sly said. “Yu know.” Santa, There is one more little thing I think you could use to …show more content…

Unhurried, the mop and broom began to move away from the wall. Suddenly they started to dance, Back and forth, to and fro, and round and round. It is as if they were hearing music from some unknown place. Then, Sly pointed to the old horn hanging on the wall, and it started playing music. Sly pointed to the spoons on the table, they, began dancing like two small children. “Wonderful,” Santa said. “That is the best yet, “as he clapped his hands to the tune of the music. “When can we get started?” he asked. “We already have” Sylvester said. He again pointed toward the mop and broom, and they danced their way back to their place on the wall. Pointed at the horn, and it became silent and returned to its place on the wall. Pointing to the spoons, they returned to their place on the table. “We will call this lesson number one,” the wizard said. “But, we will not concern ourselves with dancing mops and brooms, only with getting from here to there, and back, …show more content…

“For instance, if you want to be standing by the Christmas tree to deliver presents. Or standing by the table ready to consume the cookies and milk the children left for you.” “Or back in the sleigh on top of the house.” “Touching the left side of your nose with a finger on your left hand will take you to your destination.” “The right finger to the right side of the nose returns you to your previous location.” “When you travel this way,” he continued. “You will not get hurt, or stuck in a chimney or window.” “However, a word of caution,” he said, “You must never, never use this in a lighting storm.” “My great Uncle Markel did it once, and we have not seen him since.” “I have a book for you to read, and I ask you to please take care of it.,” Sly said. “It is one of my grandfather’s books, and the pages are getting old and brittle.” “I also have a special supplement for you to put in your food.” “This is a compound, that is particularly good for the brain and will help you concentrate better.” “Your wife can add it to the food as she prepares your daily meals,.” “It is a good supplement for all of us older people,” Sly continued, as he handed Santa the small pouch. “Anything you ask I will do,” said

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