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Jan 9, 2024





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How do you know if your technical communication is successful? That is, how can you tell that your message reached the intended audience in the ways that you wanted? Research and discuss the means by which you can gain feedback on your message, offering possible examples. One of the best ways to tell if your technical communication was successful or not is by the level of audience engagement. If your intended message on social media was to have people click a redirect link and no one does, perhaps this means that it’s time to evaluate either the method of communication, the wording, or the audience. For example, “Personalized tone is even more important in social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and so on) since this communication channel seeks to build community.” (Gerson, S. J., & Gerson, S. M., 2016, pg 106). This is one form of feedback you can receive from your audience is their overall commenting, link clicking, and engagement on your post. Additionally, continuing the social media example, many platforms have analytics on the backend that track who is engaging with your post, from where, what age range, etc. They also have parameters you can set so that your post is seen by the majority of your intended audience. Analyzing these results will be important to having successful messaging across campaigns. Gerson, S. J., & Gerson, S. M. (2016). Technical Communication: Process and Product (9th ed.). Pearson Education (US).