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M4 Exam - Requires Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam Due No due date Points 100 Questions 25 Time Limit 60 Minutes Requires Respondus LockDown Browser Instructions You are about to begin a timed exam. Please make sure you are in a suitable, quiet place, free from distraction. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the material in the module before beginning. This exam will cover all material covered in Module 4. Remember, you must complete this exam without the help of any study aids, including another person, printed materials, or the Internet, and you must complete the exam in one sitting. You may use a calculator on this exam. The calculator has to be a basic one with no internet access (it can't be on a phone or other device), and you are permitted scrap paper. You will be expected to show the calculator, and both sides of the sheet of paper during your Respondus Monitor scan. Attempt History Attempt Time Score LATEST Attempt 1 &Rminutes S out of 100 S . 7 Submitted S, This attempt took @ minutes. Question 1 1.33 /4 pts Vitamins are necessary for a variety of processes, select all that apply. Correctl Digestion
ou Answered‘ [ Energy Source Correct! Absorption Correct! Metabolism ou Answered [ Water Balance ] Question 2 414 pts True or False. If False, explain why it is false. The majority of the essential vitamins are not synthesized by the body and must be consumed in the diet. Your Answer: True True Question 3 3 /4 pts You purchase a container of Apple Juice marketed for children. The label states that this juice contains Vitamin D and E. This is an example of a product that has been answer. . Briefly explain your
1. Fortified 2. Enriched Your Answer: Enrichment: is the process of supplementing additional vitamins back into the final product. 1. Fortified- vitamins added to a product that are not normally in the food product. Question 4 4/ 4 pts Which of the following are considered fat soluble vitamins? Choose all that apply. Vitamin B Vitamin C Correct! Vitamin A Correct! Vitamin E Question 5 4/ 4 pts The form of vitamin A found in plant sources is called 1, whereas the form of vitamin A found in animal sources is called 2 . Your Answer: 1) Provitamin A (carotenoids)
Correct! Correct! 2) Preformed Vitamin A (Retinol and Retinal) 1. Carotenoids (Provitamin A) 2. Retinal or Retinol (Preformed Vitamin A) Question 6 4/ 4 pts A friend recently had her annual physical, and her doctor informed her that her Vitamin A levels were too low. As a nurse, she comes to you for advice on what foods to consume to increase her vitamin A intake. Provide 4 examples of foods that are rich in Beta-Carotene? Your Answer: Eat yellow, orange, red vegetables, these are rich in Beta-Carotene. All of the following are good sources of Beta Carotene- any red, orange or yellow vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables. Question 7 4/ 4 pts Match the following terms with the correct statement. Free Radicals Damages cell membran¢ v Ergocalciferol A synthetic form of Vitar v
Correct! Correct! Antioxidants Stops potential damage v Coagulation The process of blood cl¢ v Question 8 4 /4 pts True or False. If false, explain why it is false. The B complex vitamins and vitamin C are examples of fat soluble vitamins. Your Answer: False. Fat soluble vitamins are Vitamins A,D,E, and K. False, The B complex vitamins and vitamin C are examples of water soluble vitamins. OR Vitamin A, E, K, and D are examples of fat soluble vitamins. Question 9 4/ 4 pts refers to the amount of a substance (like a vitamin) that is absorbed into the bloodstream and is available to the body to use. Your Answer: Bioavalibility
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