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Jan 9, 2024





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In this week, we’ve introduced the basic concept of histograms. We’ve learned the four different shapes of histogram. The normal distribution, the uniform distribution, the positively skewed data, and the negatively skewed data. Your task for the discussion this week is to provide a scenario where the data analysis would result in a Histogram in one of the four shapes. For example, in the analysis of American Annual Income, the data is skewed to the right. Because income value can’t be negative the left side of the data can’t go below zero. Most Americans are middle class. As the Income goes higher and higher, like millions and billions dollars, less and less people would fall into those class. In your initial post  please clearly describe the scenario (or the data set), then explain the reason why you think the data will follow one of the four shapes of Histogram. If possible, consider include the histogram in your discussion post.   Follow up posts  discuss if you’re agree with your classmates’ points. If you agree, briefly explain the reason why you agree, and discuss how this data might be used. If you don’t agree, explain how you would interpret the data differently. View your discussion  rubric . Good evening class, Alfred Dalrymple, I currently reside in the city of Las Vegas. I like many here obtaining my bachelors in Human Resources Management