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Audit Form Coder Name: DEF Account # Patient Name Date of Service Coder Diagnosis Coder CPT Code ICD-10-CM Code Coder Modifier Auditor Diagnosis Auditor CPT Reason Modifier 0632175 John Jones 2/05/16 Left Knee Medial Meniscal Tear Posterior horn tear around 27332 S83.242A LT S83.242A M23.322 2 7332 - LT Open vs. Arthroscopic Code M23.322 was not coded for case. LT 0648461 Martha Manson 2/15/16 Complex lateral and complex medial meniscus tear Patellar chondromalacia Lateral and Medal Chondroplasty 29880 29877 S38.231A, S83.271A, M22.41 RT S83.231A S83.271 M22.41 29880- RT 29877- RT Code S38.231A was not related to the correct procedure. Code S83.271A was not coded at all. RT 51 50 0634899 Jason Johnson 2/13/26 Peripheral meniscus tear, left Bucket-handle tear lateral meniscus. Left Degenerative joint disease, primary left Patellar chondromalacia primary. Left Diagnostic Arthroscopy left knee Medial and Lateral meniscectomy, left knee 29870 29880 29877 S83.222A S83.252A M22.41 LT S83.222A S83.252A M22.41 M17.12 29980- LT Diagnostic arthroscopy 29870 not quoted when any surgical knee PX performed chondroplasty parentheses 29877 s not quoted separately when performed with other knee PX. 51 50 LT 0627765 Donald Davison 2/2/16 Right knee lateral meniscus tear Same with medial meniscus tear both peripheral in nature 29883-RT S83.221A S82.261A RT S83.221A S82.261A 29883- RT No coding errors 50 RT 0646923 Shirley Shields 2/18/16 Right ACL Tear ACL tear right knee Posterior Horn lateral meniscus tear, complete right 29870-RT 29888-RT 29882-RT S83.511A S83.281A RT S83.512A 29877- RT 29888- RT Code 29877 is bundled with arthroscopic meniscectomy codes 29880 or 29881 and not reported separately 50 RT
Account # Patient Name Date of Service Physician Coder Diagnosis Coder CPT Code ICD-10-CM Code Coder modifier Auditor Diagnosis code Auditor CPT Code Reason Carl Collins 2/4/2016 J. Harris Medial meniscus tear right, osteochondral defect, distal femur right medial and lateral meniscus tears complex in nature right osteochondral defect distal femur loose bodies 29870-RT S9880-RT 29879-RT 29874-RT S83.271A S83.231A M21.851 M32.41 RT S83.271A S83.231A M21.851 29880 29879 Diagnostic arthroscopy two nine eight seven zero not cold one any surgical knee PX performed loose body removal two nine eight seven four not coated wood performed in the same compartment as the other knee PX. M32.41 is the wrong assigned code. Kevin Kendrickson 2/11/2016 J. Harris ACL tail left ACL repair with Arthroscopy left 24707-LT S83 .511A LT S83.511A 29888-LT Open vs. Arthroscopic Rita Renyolds 2/16/2016 M. Patrick Lateral meniscus tear right Arthroscopy right knee lateral repair 27407-LT S83.281A LT S83.281A Open vs. arthroscopic Mark Monroe 2/1/2016 J. Harris Left ACL tear Left medial meniscus tear bucket handle variety Left diagnostic arthroscopy Left ATL repair Left medial meniscus repair 29870-LT 29888-LT 29881-LT S83.511A LT 51 S83.511 29870 29888 29881 Diagnostic arthroscopy 29870 not coded when any surgical knee px performed meniscus repair not meniscectomy Leona Leonardo 2/11/2016 J. Harris Right knee pain Tears Medial and Lateral Mensiectomy Medial and Lateral 2733-RT S83.231A S83.281A S83.271A RT S83.231A 27730 Open vs. arthroscopic
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