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LEARNING ACTIVITY 1 PN105 – ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY TO TEACH TO GUIDE TO LEARN S TUDENT : C OURSE #: PN105 – Anatomy & Physiology D ATE : F INAL M ARK : /40 Completion Identify the meaning of the abbreviations 1. Dx Diagnosis 2. Rx Prescription 3. q.i.d. 4 times a day 4. LLQ Left lower quadrant 5. q4h Every 4 hours 6. GU genitourinary 7. PRN As needed Matching Match the following definitions with the appropriate word D 1. Outermost layer of the skin A. Apnea A 2. Temporary cessation of breathing B. Polyuria F 3. Excessive number of red blood cells C. Hypoglycaemia C 4. Lower than normal blood glucose concentration D. Epidermis E 5. The period beginning after birth E. Postnatal H 6. Slow and shallow respirations F. Polycythemia G 7. The inner layer of the pericardium G. Epicardium B 8. Unusually large amount of urine H. Hypoventilation SPROTT SHAW COLLEGE PAGE 1 OF 4 0217/PN105/SESSON1
LEARNING ACTIVITY 1 PN105 – ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY TO TEACH TO GUIDE TO LEARN Multiple Choice Select the best answer from the choices provided 1. Which of the following is a definition for tachypnea? a. Rapid breathing b. Slow breathing c. Rapid pulse d. Slow pulse 2. A surgical opening between the ileum and the abdominal wall can be best described as which of the following? a. Colostomy b. Polyostomy c. Ileostomy d. Urostomy 3. Hepatitis describes which of the following conditions with the liver? a. Destruction of the liver b. Inflammation of the liver c. Growth of the liver d. Removal of the liver 4. The technical definition for difficulty swallowing would be which of the following? a. Dysphasia b. Dyspnea c. Dysuria d. Dysphagia 5. The suffix –algia as found is fibromyalgia is referring to which of the following? a. Difficulty b. Swelling c. Pain d. Suffering 6. If a patient has been diagnosed with hemiplegia, which of the following would be true? a. The patient can use the left side of their body but not the right side b. The patient is unable to use both their legs c. The patient cannot feel anything below their neck d. Both A and C above 7. The doctor reports that the patient has hematuria. The LPN know this is referring to which of the following? a. Foul smelling urine b. Blood in the fecal matter c. Difficulty urinating d. Blood in the urine SPROTT SHAW COLLEGE PAGE 2 OF 4 0217/PN105/SESSON1
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