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POLS 1503-01 Globalization - AY2023-T5 Search forums Discussion Forum Unit 6 Discussion Assignment Unit 6 Display replies in nested form Settings The cut-off date for posting to this forum is reached so you can no longer post to it. Discussion Assignment From our assigned readings this week, consider the case of Samir Moussa. After reading his story please share how his life illustrates both the tension between local culture and globalization and the opportunities afforded by globalization. Please provide examples from the story and compare them with your own experience. E l i h th d f th A i liti l d i d l h i t d lt Discussion Assignment Unit 6 by Ryan Knight (Instructor) - Friday, 16 June 2023, 10:37 AM Dashboard / My courses / POLS 1503-01 - AY2023-T5 / 20 July - 26 July / Discussion Forum Unit 6 / Discussion Assignment Unit 6
Explain how the spread of the American political and economic models have impacted cultures. Identify other cultural challenges that have arisen due to globalization. Discussion Guidelines Share your thoughts and ideas on this week’s discussion forum prompts in a couple of paragraphs. Respond to at least 3 peers. Your post to each peer must be relevant to the week’s topic and should be more than a simple statement of agreement . Be kind, respectful, and resourceful on this forum. Speak with kindness, give your fellow classmates respect, and be resourceful to them by provided additional information about your topic, to ensure the conversation is ongoing. Please return throughout the week to continue to participate and respond to anyone who has responded to you. Be sure to cite any resources that you use in APA format. Direct quotes should not be used in discussions. 193 words Permalink Answer Samir Musa's life vividly illustrates the profound impact of his parents' diverse local cultures and national characteristics, his interactions with friends, family, and various places of development, work, and residence on the formation of his unique worldview. These diverse experiences have shaped him into a person with a broad perspective and a wealth of cultural life experiences. However, amidst the richness of globalization's positive changes and prosperity, it brings to the world, he has also faced moments of conflict between his local culture and the globalized reality. One of those poignant moments occurred when he and his family had to visit relatives living in war-torn regions. Despite the seemingly all-encompassing reach of globalization, destructive wars that result in poverty and sorrow can still plague certain areas, causing a stark contrast to the interconnectedness and progress that globalization often symbolizes (Oliver, 2017). Additionally, Samir recalled a case where a local doctor in Costa Rica had extensive knowledge about combating Cutaneous Leishmaniosis. However, the doctor's expertise went unrecognized, as the trust in Western science and knowledge seemed to overshadow the value of local knowledge and advancements. This example underscores the complexities and challenges that Re: Discussion Assignment Unit 6 by Durotolu Samuel - Thursday, 20 July 2023, 8:52 PM
arise when local traditions and expertise come into conflict with globalized systems. Samir Moussa's life is undoubtedly marked by the fortunate aspect of globalization, as it exposed him to diverse languages and cultures, enabling him to fluently speak three languages. This linguistic diversity has enriched his life and broadened his horizons, providing him with invaluable skills and perspectives (Oliver, 2017). Personally, without a doubt, globalization has played a pivotal role in transforming our global culture, shaping our thoughts, preferences, and perceptions. It has fostered a sense of interconnectedness that transcends borders, leading people to embrace trends from around the world, experiment with diverse culinary delights inspired by various countries, and joyfully partake in holidays and traditions from other cultures. Moreover, the seamless acceptance of foreign companies into different regions highlights the benefits of globalization, promoting economic growth and cultural exchange. Embracing this global integration is undeniably advantageous, as it enhances our understanding and appreciation of the world's rich diversity (Oliver, 2017). Globalization has had a significant impact on global culture, particularly in the emergence of a new class of individuals known as the "Davos Culture." These qualified professionals possess extensive education in the business sector and share a global perspective. They play a crucial role in driving foreign economic activities and actively contribute to the expansion of globalization. Equipped with fluency in English and the ability to travel across the world, they are instrumental in implementing strategies to promote further globalization (Oliver, 2017). The widespread influence of pop culture is akin to the three dimensions of globalization, especially when it comes to religion. Pop culture receives extensive coverage and appeals to people's instinctive nature. Its global presence is evident through various mediums such as magazines, clothing trends, fast-food chains, satellite channels, movies, TV shows, music, and consumer products. Pop culture's pervasive reach is felt across the world, impacting societies on a broad scale (Oliver, 2017). Globalization has facilitated the distribution of American cultural products, such as books and music, to various businesses worldwide. As a result, the dominance of the most popular and influential society, often seen as comprehensive and predominant, raises concerns about the concept of "Americanization" being synonymous with globalization. Many of the world's leading tech companies are American-based, and their software dominates the global market, highlighting the U.S.'s significant role in the tech industry (Oliver, 2017). This influence extends to the global economy, with seven out of the top ten revenue-related brands headquartered in the U.S., including renowned companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Google, Apple Inc., and Microsoft. The widespread presence of American fast-food chains worldwide further illustrates the success of the American economic model and its impact on the world (Oliver, 2017).
In a nutshell, globalization also brings challenges, notably the clash of political frameworks between nations. Conflicting tax and labor laws between globalized countries and trade wars, particularly involving the United States, China, and Europe, have arisen as complex issues. Moreover, there is an increase in illegal migration in Europe, presenting additional challenges for policymakers and societies worldwide. These challenges call for careful consideration and cooperation on an international level to address their impact effectively (Oliver, 2017). References Oliver, P. (2017). The concepts of Globalisation and culture. In Globalisation, education, and culture shock (pp. 10-20). Routledge. 733 words Permalink Show parent Dear Durotolu, I appreciated your feedback to my discussion. It is hard at my ages working and studying but I’m trying. Your post, is a good summary, of Samir's story and addresses the globalization questions. When you stated; “Personally, without a doubt, globalization has played a pivotal role in transforming our global culture, shaping our thoughts, preferences, and perceptions”, please give an example in your homeland of how globalization affected your culture. Thank you and keep up your great insight thought. All the best Daniela 85 words Permalink Show parent Re: Discussion Assignment Unit 6 by Daniela Simoni - Saturday, 22 July 2023, 7:58 AM Re: Discussion Assignment Unit 6 by Durotolu Samuel - Saturday, 22 July 2023, 9:41 AM
Hi Daniela, Thank you for your kind words and feedback on my post. I understand that balancing work and studies can be challenging, but your commitment to learning is commendable, and I believe it will pay off in the long run. Regarding an example of how globalization has affected my culture, I come from Nigeria, a country that has experienced significant changes due to globalization. One prominent influence of globalization on our culture is the adoption of foreign languages, especially English, as a primary means of communication in many sectors. As the world becomes more interconnected, proficiency in English has become crucial for international trade, education, and diplomacy. This linguistic shift has influenced our education system, where English is now taught from an early age, and many universities offer courses in English to attract international students and foster global connections. Furthermore, globalization has introduced various technological advancements to Nigeria, transforming the way we live and do business. The widespread availability of smartphones and the internet has revolutionized communication and information dissemination, bridging the gap between urban and rural areas. E-commerce platforms have gained popularity, enabling people to shop online and access goods and services from around the world. This shift in consumer behavior has also influenced our traditional markets and retail sectors, leading to a mix of global and local products. However, with the increasing influence of foreign cultures through media, including movies, music, and social media, there is a concern about the potential erosion of our traditional values and cultural practices. The younger generation might be more exposed to foreign ideals and norms, which can sometimes clash with our indigenous values. Striking a balance between embracing globalization's benefits while preserving our unique cultural identity remains an ongoing challenge for many Nigerians. Overall, globalization has brought both positive and challenging changes to Nigeria, shaping our society, economy, and cultural landscape. It is essential for us to adapt and make informed choices to ensure that our cultural heritage thrives amidst this rapidly changing globalized world. I hope this example provides insight into how globalization has impacted my homeland. If you have any other questions or thoughts, feel free to share them. Best regards. 362 words
Permalink Show parent Dear Durotolu, Thanks for taking my question. I have never been to Nigeria, but I have visited Kenya. I believe that Africa, across the board, has potential for globalization and states bordering the sea like Nigeria. A crucial problem is geographical for poor people, and lack of clear water is one of the causes of the lack of development. Hoping that Africa will become a confederation of states one day, with their diversity, and that they work together. Thanks again, all the best Daniela 84 words Permalink Show parent Re: Discussion Assignment Unit 6 by Daniela Simoni - Sunday, 23 July 2023, 10:30 AM Thanks for sharing I really like your insight. It is true that globalization came with both positive and negative impacts. However, on transforming our culture i always wonder whose culture are now following. 33 words Permalink Show parent Re: Discussion Assignment Unit 6 by Lerumo Liphoto - Sunday, 23 July 2023, 1:31 PM Hello Samuel, Thank you so much for sharing with us. I agree with you that Globalization has facilitated the distribution of American cultural products and is because of their lot of innovations in various things. All the best Re: Discussion Assignment Unit 6 by Grace Niyigena - Saturday, 22 July 2023, 3:42 PM
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