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1 Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings Dana Dadfar-500980797 REM-420 Youngme Seo 3/13/2022
2 Summary Peter A. Bullen one of the main authors of this case is located in Perth Australia where he is employed under the Department of Construction Management at Curtin University. Following, Peter E.D. Love the second writer to this text is situated in Perth Australia as well, he attends the school of Curtin University under the Department of Construction Management. The two of these authors have both published over thirty induvial articles each on various topics ranging from real-estate to urban planning. To begin what is adaptive reuse? Well in architecture the term adaptive reuse is referred to as the reuse of an already existing building for hopes of a newer project. In Australia, there is a rising acceptance in which heritage buildings are seen as an important element of Australia’s social capital. With these heritage buildings, they are able to provide economic, cultural, and social benefits to most urban communities . Since heritage buildings tend to be severely outdated, they require major renovations, both inside and out. This allows for a greater economic opportunity for employment. Looking at the logistics of the decision of adaptive reuse, there are key aspects to consider such as location, architectural assets, heritage, and market trends . Over the years the role of building conservation has shifted from preservation into a broader strategy for urban regeneration and sustainability. In this case, it will be evident that there is a growing body of opinions that support the view that adaptive reuse is a strong strategy for handling this change . Throughout, this article will demonstrate how urban development and subsequent redevelopment have a crucial impact on the environment, and how these factors coincide with the conservation of heritage buildings could contribute to a more sustainable urban environment.
3 Reflections Understanding the importance and impact that adaptive reuse is crucial for progression. Like similar projects with green buildings and brownfield sites, the utilization of adaptive reuse plays a key factor in upgrading our large vast of land. This case writes about the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings which are properties that are significant to one’s locational history. In our instance, Australia is the main topic, and they have around 120 heritage buildings (DAWE, 2020). With these many sites, Australians could experience significant growth in their economy for each site they are offered to work on. Countering the benefits, the main concern brought up is the sentimental value some of these buildings hold. With this in mind, there have been talks on the process of critiquing whether a building deserves to be renovated or not. The process was followed by the following steps, historically significant, prestigious, monumental, or publicly voted. Buildings such as redundant offices and community halls are seen to fit adaptive reuse. The act of redeveloping historical sites for modern uses goes by urban regeneration. Following this idea of regeneration, the idea of maintaining heritage buildings in a safe and respectful manner is a must for Australians. With the acceptance of adaptive reuse on certain buildings here are some criteria that developers would follow, reflect local life; improve quality of life; maintain local identity, diversity, and vitality; minimize the depletion of non-renewal heritage assets; develop collective responsibility for heritage assets; empower community action and involvement; provide a robust policy framework for integrating conservation objectives with the aims of sustainable development more generally; and define the capacity by which historic centers can permit change (Bullen P, 2011).
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