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Nitzel Burgos Psychology 2301 Chapter 11 Bonus Quiz Name 9 1. Jared, a high school student, is a sensitive person. His first reaction to many things is anxiety, such as the loud noise of a truck backfiring, an unfamiliar dog running towards him, or a teacher unexpectedly calling on him in class. Towards which end of the continuum of these Big Five traits would he likely fall? a. introversion and neuroticism c. introversion and emotional stability b. extroversion and opennessd. d. extroversion and disagreeability 2. According to Sigmund Freud, an adult who smokes, drinks, overeats, or bites her nails is fixated in the _ stage of her psychosexual development. a. anal c. genital b. oral d. phallic 3. After Mike does not get the job he interviewed for, he moves back in with his parents and spends his days playing video games. Which defense mechanism does this exemplify? a. reaction formation C. repression b. sublimation d. regression 4. Rosa is three years old and very exuberant. Her mother has little patience with her and is most acceptant of her when she plays very quietly by herself. According to Carl Rogers’s humanistic theory of personality, what is the most likely result of this upbringing? a. self-actualization c. self-discrepancies b. self-awareness d. self-esteem 5. Of the following, who most reflects self-efficacy? a. Maria, who tries to redirect her aggressive urges into more prosocial channels b. Todd, who believes that he can handle challenging situations and obtain future rewards c. Beth, who tends to attribute her own problems and anxieties to others d. Marcus, who believes that most of the things that happen to him are due to luck or factors beyond his control 6. Evidence across diverse cultures, including the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, Portugal, Israel, and China, suggests that the Big Five personality traits __ (McCrae & Costa, 1997). a. are not applicable to all cultures b. are more applicable in individualistic societies c. are more applicable in collectivistic societies d. represents a universal human characteristic. 7. Javier is studying the firing of neurons in the brains of rats as part of his dissertation research on memory. He is disciplined in his research process and in his record-keeping, and follows his advisor’s recommendations to the letter, as he wants to eventually accomplish a lot in this field. The Big Five trait that best describes this aspect of Javier’s personalityis __ a. openness b. conscientiousness c. extroversion d. agreeableness
8. Kim believed he failed his math class because the test was too hard, passed his psychology class because the professor passed every student in the class, and didn’t get the internship because the manager didn’t like him. Julian Rotter would say that Kimhas _ a. dependent personality b. an external locus of control c. an internal locus of control d. low self-efficacy 9. Which statement summarizes the main idea of reciprocal determinism? a. Emotions are cognitive processes with behavioral antecedents. b. How we cope with anxiety reflects our personality. c. Our behavior, cognitive processes, and situational context all influence each other. d. Our defense mechanisms are formed in childhood.
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