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Dec 6, 2023





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Dental Charting Quiz: Fill in the Blank Question 1: The tooth charting system commonly used in the United States is known as the ______. Answer: Universal Numbering System Question 2: The ______ surface of a tooth is typically charted on the right side of the tooth symbol. Answer: Buccal Question 3: In dental charting, the letter "O" represents a ______. Answer: Missing tooth Question 4: The abbreviation "MO" indicates a restoration involving the ______ and ______ surfaces of a tooth. Answer: Mesial; Occlusal Question 5: To indicate a tooth that has been extracted, the symbol "X" is often placed on the ______ surface of the tooth symbol. Answer: Buccal Question 6: A filled circle on the tooth chart may represent a ______. Answer: Carious lesion Question 7: In the Universal Numbering System, the ______ quadrant includes teeth numbered 1 to 8. Answer: Upper Right Question 8: When charting a bridge, the abutment teeth are connected by a ______ line. Answer: Solid Question 9: The notation "I" on a tooth chart indicates ______. Answer: Impacted tooth Question 10: In dental charting, the ______ surface of a tooth is often charted on the left side of the tooth symbol. Answer: Lingual