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Dec 6, 2023





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Formulate a likely hypothesis for this research study (it may not be specifically stated in the article) The hypothesis I found in the article is transmissible cancers occurred historically in devils, they imposed natural selection on different sets of gens. In 1-2 sentences, summarize in your own words the most important conclusion from the research study. A type of cancer that the Tasmanian devils can suffer from is called devil facial tumor disease ( DFTD). They found out by testing the devils that DFTD has historically occurred and that it is caused due to natural selection in the different sets of genes. Describe how this research study relates to this week's BIOL 103 course topics. Use at least one in-text citation to this week's assigned textbook chapters. The study can relate to what we learned this week by the article saying that they used natural selection in the devils and seen that the cause of natural selection start mutating there genes to have this cancer. This citation from the book can support this,"Natural selection works by selecting for alleles that confer beneficial traits or behaviors, while selecting against those for deleterious qualities. Mutations introduce new alleles into a population." Finally, discuss at least one broader implication of this research that was not described in the article. In other words, how do you believe these research findings may impact society, the environment, health, or the world in a positive and/or negative way? Be specific. The research finding can effect society by the Tasmanian devils having this type of cancer and it spreads by a bite from them. If someone decides to be around these devils and not knowing that they have cancer. And they get randomly bite by them, they can start spreading it. That can effect our society by spreading a new disease that no one will know how to contain and it can cause another outbreak or even lock down. Reference: ScienceDaily. (2021, May 26). Study finds ongoing evolution in Tasmanian Devils’ response to transmissible cancer . ScienceDaily. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/ 2021/05/210526150024.htm Fowler, S., Roush, R., & Wise, J. (n.d.). Ch. 11 chapter summary - concepts of biology . OpenStax. https://openstax.org/books/concepts-biology/pages/11-chapter-summary