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MKT444N: Buyer Persona Group Name : Ngoc, Bizzy, Conner, Yanibel Your Name: Ngoc Bui Objectives Develop a profile of one segment using a buyer persona. Find as much information as possible to include name, age, job etc. Support why they might be interested in your product. Provide your group with support for positioning in your product. Task 1: Current analysis: 1. Do you believe this product is marketed utilizing a specific segmentation method? Describe. Cold Stone targets a group of customers who love ice cream and are willing to pay higher prices to use this product. Therefore, Cold Stone always combines segments together to provide customers with the best products and services experience. In terms of demographics, we target families, young people, and children from middle to high-income levels. Behaviorally, we build social networking sites so that customers can share their own experiences with others. Psychologically, we create products with high-quality ingredients and a fun and friendly atmosphere so that customers can safely use the products right in the store. Geographically, we build stores in central areas such as shopping centers or outlets. 2. What psychographics could the marketers of this company be trying to target with this particular product or service as they create their marketing strategy? We target customers who want to use ice cream made from high quality ingredients and healthy. In addition, Cold Stone also allows customers to freely create their own products at the store so that they can use ice cream in the most comfortable way. 3. Describe the benefits of this product or service. Ingredients: Using premium ingredients and natural ingredients in the products. Customization: Cold Stone allows customers to be creative in-store with various toppings and flavors of ice cream to enhance the personalization. Freshness: The ice cream is made in-store every day to ensure the freshness and quality of the product. Variety: Cold Stone offers a variety of products such as ice cream, smoothies, cakes, ... with a variety of toppings and different flavors. 4. Are these benefits utilized to target consumers and position the product in the marketplace via the brand’s marketing strategy? If yes, how? There are benefits outlined above that will be used to target consumers and position the product in the market through the brand's marketing strategy. Cold Stone positions the company's value to create products based on personal taste and create uniqueness through the creativity of customers in their products. In addition, we position ourselves in the premium segment of the ice cream market because we use high quality ingredients to give our customers the best dining
experience. What's more, Cold Stone provides personalized services to create a comfortable and unique atmosphere for customers in their experiences. Task 2: Create a buyer persona Include: Name of an individual that represents your target segment Demographics Example of day in the life What do they value most (examples: convenience, family, health etc.) Where does your buyer get information (social media, friends etc.) What is the buying experience they are looking for? (personal selling, interaction, website) Common objection questions to purchasing the product/service Name: Gary Anderson Demographic: Age: 25 Income level: Upper-middle income level Gender: Male Location: New York city Interest: Hanging out with friends, cooking, reading, and traveling. Day in life: 7:00 AM: Gary wakes up and cleans up his body. He prepares breakfast which is prepared food from yesterday to save time in the morning. Usually rice, grilled meat, and boiled vegetables. At the same time, he reads digital newspapers to update daily news. 8:30 AM: Gary goes to work. He is the manager of the Human Resources department of a cosmetic company and most of his work involves human resource reporting in the company, interviewing, and employee management. 12:00 PM: On his lunch break, he often goes to the café near the company for lunch. He usually chooses food that is constantly updated, and Gary loves to try new things. 5:00 PM: Gary left the company after he finished and went to the gym near his house. 7:00 PM: He and his girlfriend go to a French restaurant for dinner and a chat with a bottle of wine that made the atmosphere more romantic. Then they go to the Cold Stone store to have dessert after dinner. 11:00 PM: He comes home after dinner, and he has a habit of reading the digital newspapers before going to bed. Value: novelty, creation, health Channel: digital newspapers, colleague, girlfriend. Buying experience: In-person, online. Objection questions: The price of Cold Stone is quite high compared to the common ground, causing customers to wonder if the high-quality ingredients that Cold Stone uses and the experience the company offers are worth the money they have spent.
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