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Civic Engagement and Service Learning: Three Hour Service Requirement Professor Cardiel GOV 2305, GOV 2306 Service means that you are doing something in your community for the good and improvement of your community. It is not adding to your career ambitions/goals. This is something you do with absolutely no compensation or claim. You will not use this activity for credit in another class, court, school, licensing, or on your current resume. This activity should be something you do not already do as part of your regular routine, employment, religious, family, club, or student obligations. Instructions: Answer all five questions in essay format. Each essay should be at least 250 words in length. Question 1: Describe the importance of community service in El Paso, Texas. How does it contribute to the well-being and development of the community? Provide specific examples to support your answer. Community service plays a big role in contributing to the well-being and development of the community. Engaging in community services in El Paso not only contributes to create a better community but also it enriches the lives of individuals. To start, the importance of community service in El Paso is that it promotes unity. When you actively participate in local volunteer activities you create meaningful connections with other people. You break these boundaries of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Not only that but it also helps to address common challenges that we faced such as poverty, educational disparities, and environmental issues. By participating in community service we create a more comprehensive and strong community. These acts of service create opportunities for empowerment and mobility. Through community service individuals provide support to the people that need it whether it be through volunteering in food banks, organizing clothing drives, or mentoring kids that don't get the opportunity to have an education. Community service is not also helping others but is also helping ourselves. One example can be taking care of our environment volunteering in these programs that helped to shape a better environment for everyone including our family and friends. El Paso is home to immigrants and refugee populations and many residents that face social and economic challenges. To continue, community service in El Paso also helps individuals to expand their skills, gain experience and develop leadership abilities. For example, participating in communities where you have to deal with people and have good communication helps to gain confidence and social skills that could help you in the future and even in the career you choose to take. Practicing community service can also help you to convert a hobby into a career. Maybe you find that you like to be involved in that world of community service. You would find yourself a career path and a second family.
Question 2: Explain the various ways in which individuals can get involved in community service in El Paso. Discuss the types of organizations or initiatives that offer opportunities for volunteering and the potential benefits of each. There are numerous ways in which individuals can get involved in community service in El Paso and the most common is volunteering at local nonprofit organizations. There are many nonprofit organizations that have various causes such as education, healthcare, environment, poverty, and animal welfare. Also there’s clubs where you can become a member and help awareness different causes such as suicide, drugs, environmental awareness, and women empowerment. Some organizations that offer opportunities for volunteering are Project Vida Health Center where community service is essential. Not only that but project vida has different areas where they serve such as health,education, school-based services, housing, homelessness, financial wellness, economic development, outreach and wellness and psychiatry residency. There're many different ways you can get involved in community in schools like El Paso Community College where you can participate in different events that contribute to supporting different awareness programs. They also have different clubs where you can volunteer to help. Also if you don't have the time to go in person you can also help online. You can do community service online, there’s pages where you can help people translate documents if you speak more than two languages, there’s also pages where you can help librarians check some documents, and if you are into social media they are companies or organizations that need help addressing or posting events and spreading awareness. If you are a woman there's also organizations that help to address the empowerment of women for example the non profit organization Yes Mija You Can. I had been searching about these organizations and they have been part of some important events. They go to schools such as Socorro High School and other schools where they talk about the empowerment of women. They also sell merchandise and contribute with other organizations. Question 3: Discuss the cultural and social diversity in El Paso, Texas. How does this diversity impact the community service experience? Provide examples of how understanding and respecting diversity can enhance the effectiveness of community service efforts. One way in which cultural and social diversity contributes to the community service experience is through breaking these barriers that society has created. By participating in community service you get to participate with very diverse groups and you get to gain a variety of skills and meet a lot of people that may have a different culture or beliefs. The most interesting thing about community service is that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what culture you practice at the end of the day we are all united to accomplish one
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